Training, Education & Development - just what is the difference and why should I care?

Accredited training, education, and development can help in the workplace that much we know, and during a person's lifetime, he or she will go through various stages of training, education and development. A common question with regard to these acts is "how do they differ?" Well the simple answer is that they all have similarities and are intertwined, so it can be difficult to tell; therefore taking a look at each one individually can help to differentiate and to understand. Significance Training, education and development all play important roles, respectively, in helping an individual to grow and achieve his or her full potential. These terms are often used in an inexact way, but this shou

Teaching & Training - What is the difference?

The truth is that most of us don't really know and so are inclined to believe the hype we read on various websites that promise so much yet deliver so little. Some may grasp this and others won't, but this is because we do not really understand the requirements for teaching or for training and development, so let me try to explain. A quick study will reveal that teaching and training may be thought of as one and the same thing, but in fact there are many differences. While they are both appropriate in certain circumstances, sometimes the presence of one may be to the detriment of the other, so a balance between both is necessary. It therefore makes sense that those of us who are entrusted wi

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