At last the D13 Enhanced FPOS Intermediate skills course (graded at Level 3) is here!

Once again the Professional Bodyguard Association leads from the front with the introduction of the D13 Enhanced FPOS Intermediate skills course (graded at Level 3) Unlike other clinical/medical training programmes, the contents of the course is in accordance with the standards recognised as compliant to D13 (Enhanced) by Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Our intelligence has indicated that having this qualification will almost certa...inly enhance your employability prospects especially as the same intelligence has shown that companies operating in high risk areas are more keen today for their personnel to be proficient in medical competency as well

Different strokes for different folks!

While the British and Americans do all the talking it is Private Security Contractors from South Africa that have proved quietly decisive in helping the Nigerian military turn around its campaign against Boko Haram. As others flap their jaws, it is the activities of a group of men that does not fit the standard image of an army of liberation who after just three months on the ground led by Colonel Eeben Barlow help end Boko Haram's six-long year reign of terror in northern Nigeria. Eeben Barlow a former commander in the South African Defence Force and his group of bush warfare experts were recruited in top secrecy in January 2015 to train an elite strike group within Nigeria's disorganised a

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