Bob Podesta      A Squadron

Former Staff Sergeant of the 22 Special Air Service Regiment      


Bob is a highly respected veteran who passed the SAS selection in 1970 and by age 21 was already serving in Oman on Operation Storm. Bob ended his military career in 1996 after serving 25 years in the SAS "A" Squadron.


He was part of the training team that trained the Iranian Embassy Team during their Anti-Terror build-up. He later served as a Staff Instructor and held a commission in the armed forces of the United Arab Emirates teaching Desert Warfare and other related Special Forces skills.


Bob served for 13 years in the SAS Sabre Squadron before becoming the Special Forces instructor at the NATO International Long Range Patrol School. He then began instructing for Counter Revolutionary Warfare before ending his career in Logistics Management and Instructing in foreign small arms.


Since leaving the military he has provided training to various other countries in specialised skills and still continues to work operationally in places like Beirut, Yemen, Botswana, Barbados and obviously Iraq and Afghanistan.


Bob is a certified Instructor and enjoys every opportunity given to pass on some of his skills and knowledge to students who wish to expand their knowledge of survival in a hostile environment.


Bob’s extensive knowledge of military tactics, desert warfare, wilderness survival and other related Special Forces skills, is highly sought; he continues to work operationally around the world and manages his own business offering specialist military, security and survival instruction to public/private sectors and the general public.


Bob is a relatively modest man and has been for as long as I have known him, yet he is described by Peter Scholey, the author of the book SAS Heros as being a remarkable soldier and extraordinary man. He still is and the "old soldier" in him always want to help others achieve their best too.

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