Certified Instructors who make up the core of our Training Faculty.

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds unlike our bodies can continue growing as we continue to live.”


All our instructors have professional teaching qualifications and totally understand that whilst a great deal of teaching is delivered by verbal instruction, hearing does not play the only role in our learning of new knowledge; it is also through watching and doing, that the greatest learning is achieved. 

Craig Knowles CAS

Chief of Staff (President and CEO since 2006) Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist, Qualified Teacher, Assessor and Verifier.

Author and creator of a number of bespoke security solutions and training programmes for a wide range of organisations in both the private and public sectors operating worldwide with delivery in a number of selected languages.

Lionel Draon (EUROPE)

Head of Clincial Studies | Regional Director - Clincial Specialist - Civil (FPOS) and Tactical Medicine (Police/Army).

Lionel is a highly qualified Instructor/Teacher with the highest level of professionalism; always proactive, ready to take the initiative and acutely sensitive to the security threats that are constantly with us today.

Gavin J Richardson (UK & USA)

Martial Arts and Physical Intervention Instructor

Gavin Richardson started his security career at the age of 18 whereby he “worked his first door” and took on his first client as a bodyguard. Over the years he has undergone extensive training and skill development programs that have opened the door to numerous job opportunities both at home in the UK and aboard. He has extensive knowledge and practical hands on experience that make him a valued member of the team.

Erika van Vuuren (SA)

Regional FPOSi Instructor | Erika has been a qualified Fist Aid Instructor since 2006.

Previously employed by Global Geophysical Services (USA) on crew 680 in Kenya as the certified instructor, Erika has gained valuable experience working in remote areas and has a good understanding of how to deal with medical emergencies in difficult terrain. On her return to South Africa in January 2015, Erika was appointed as an Associate Trainer for the Professional Bodyguard Association (UK) in South Africa having duly completed the BTEC Level 3 Education and Training (QCF), along with the specialty subject BTEC Level 2 First Person on Scene Intermediate (IHCD).

Tom Lockhart QGM QCVS

Strategic Consultant and Advisor | Formerly a key member of the Royal and Diplomatic Protection Group guarding the British Royal family as their tactical and technical advisor.

Tom has dedicated much of his career to the development of new equipment and operational techniques to utilise technology as a weapon in the fight against terrorism with a specific emphasis on the gathering of audio and video intelligence. He was deeply involved in the training of close protection personnel operating in high threat areas around the world and the application of cutting edge technology to close protection operations.

Sid Tadrist - Saiko shihan (Karate Supreme Master)

KWF Karatenomichi World Federation Great Britain Chief Instructor authorized by Japan KWF HQ as Teacher and worldwide Examiner

After more than three decades of teaching and hard daily training at the sides of the greatest Japanese legends of traditional Shotokan karate, Sid Tadrist sensei developed an expertise recently rewarded by his pars in Japan, with the title of Saïko Shihan (Supreme Karate Master Degree). SId's other skills are that he is a fluent speaker in English, French, Arabic, Italian

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