César Pelegrín

Creator and Founder of System Integral Security SIS                           www.bujinkan.es/en


Security Integral System © Cesar Pelegrin, was created to respond to the needs for Physical interventions by Police and Private Security, under the provisions of the United Nations in the use of force. He delivers courses worldwide, teaching how to work proportionately.


Since childhood, he has been fascinated by martial arts, starting at eight years of age, learning Judo and Jujutsu. Later, he studied Taekwondo and Kick Boxing.


He has always been interested in investigating the world of ancient Bujutsu and freely admits that when he met Hatsumi Soke, he realized his shortcomings, and unknowingly, hr entered the world of Budo in all its nuances.


César considers himself to be a perpetual student and says that he continues to learn from his Master as well as his students.  For him the wheel never stops turning, like life itself.

We can all learn from his modesty as well as his inalienable talents and teaching methodologies.  

The S.I.S. Is an International Police Self Defense System, created by César, to comply strictly with the United Nations principles on the use of force.


It is recognized by CIAM, International Martial Arts Federation, divided into different levels of training based on real experiences and designed to meet the needs of the Police, Military and ultimately, public safety, private security and bodyguards.


The SIS system is represented in many countries such as Mexico, Italy, England, New Zealand, Australia, Ecuador, and quite a few others.

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