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SIA Close Protection Training

Level 4 Certificate of Proficiency

for Tactical Firearm and Self Defence Strategies


Aspiring "Bodyguards" will become well versed in the use of all defensive mechanisms employed for the purposes of protecting the principal. These are drills that must be committed to MUSCLE MEMORY!


You will aspire to achieve an elevated level of proficiency in weaponry (live fire with a variety of firearms) including "hot" extrications in an environment as real as you can get it.


The need for firearm training is widely debated in the industry, specifically for those working in the UK. Whilst it is true that when working in the UK you cannot carry firearms, the UK is only one small area of the world in which Close Protection services and contracts are offered and when starting out in the industry it is not wise to limit yourself to any one geographical area.


The reality is that most successful CPO’s travel to foreign places for work where contracts are available for those with real training and experience. It is quite simple really, the more skills you can add to your CV the more employable you become.


As with any industry, the job usually goes to the person with more experience and or qualifications and Close Protection is no different. By being certificated in this area, you can demonstrate a level of proficiency with a worldwide reputation.

We will take you to a high level of competency in close protection and weapon handling skills using a wide variety of firearms in both static and peripatetic scenarios.


Beginning with the basics, you will quickly progress to fast action responses to hostile actions while maintaining disciplined accuracy for multiple target identification and acquisition; taking into account the considerations, difficulties and anomalies encountered during engagements while at the same time manipulating a successful extrication of people and vehicles, thus achieving the desired effect of safety for Principal and crew.


Training exercises will be conducted in as real an environment (controlled) as you could expect where you will see, smell and hear the benefits of your training. There is nothing that replaces the real thing!


Sounds like fun I know, but the real reason is to show you up close and personal the carnage and destruction that you could be faced with; and this cannot be undone. In the UK due to restrictions imposed under the Health & Safety Legislation (Something the enemy does not even think about!) this training cannot be done; hence you will need to travel to our training venue in the heartland of South Africa.


On successful completion of the course students will receive a certificate indicating proficiency in the selections where competency has been achieved.


NOTE: All applicants will be subject to full vetting and security clearance procedures. It is possible that you can FAIL to make the grade, so if you do not think that you have what it takes to pass the assessment criteria or are of the right calibre do not waste your money by signing up.


With the PBA you pay for the training not the certification. That you earn!                             Conditions apply!


COURSE FEES are variable and depend on numbers per cohort and country in which the training takes place.



As we are registered as a "Not for Profit" organisation and with Education & Training being the core of our business, all course fees are exempt of VAT (value added tax)

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