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SIA Close Protection Training

Level 4 Certificate of Proficiency

for Tactical Firearm and Self Defence Strategies


Aspiring bodyguards should be trained to master defensive techniques, making them instinctive through muscle memory. The training emphasizes proficiency in various firearms and real-world extraction scenarios.


Although firearm training's relevance is debated, especially in the UK where carrying firearms is restricted, global opportunities in close protection often require these skills. Therefore, broadening skill sets enhances employability.


Being certified in such areas not only demonstrates proficiency but also boosts one's attractiveness to potential employers worldwide, aligning with the industry principle that more skills and qualifications often lead to better job opportunities.

We will take you to a high level of competency in close protection and weapon handling skills using a wide variety of firearms in both static and peripatetic scenarios.


Starting with basics, with the basics, you will quickly progress to fast action responses to hostile action while maintaining disciplined accuracy for multiple target identification and acquisition; taking into account the considerations, difficulties and anomalies encountered during engagements while at the same time manipulating a successful extrication of people and vehicles, thus achieving the desired effect of safety for Principal and crew.

NOTE: UK regulations limit some aspects of this training, necessitating travel to our South African facility. Upon completion, certificates are awarded only for demonstrated proficiency. All applicants will be subject to full vetting and security clearance procedures. It is possible that you can FAIL to make the grade, so if you do not think that you have what it takes to pass the assessment criteria or are of the right calibre do not waste your money by signing up.


With the PBA you pay for the training not the certification. That you earn!                                        Conditions apply!


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