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Qualifications and Certifications.
  • University of London Bachelor of Laws with Honours Degree [2002] and PG [2003]            

  • NOCN L2 CCTV (Public Spaces Surveillance [2010]

  • NEBOSH Management of and Health & Safety practical application [2009]             

  • ICM Delivery of Physical Intervention [2017]       

  • BTEC/Pearson L3 Delivery of Conflict Management [2006]            

  • BTEC/Pearson L4 First Person on Scene [2016]

  • BTEC/Pearson L3 Professional Investigator [2016]

  • BTEC/Pearson L3 Physical Intervention [2015]

  • BTEC/Pearson L4 Education & Training  [2015]

  • BTEC/Pearson L3 Working as a Close Protection Operative  [2014]

  • BTEC/Edexcel L4 Diploma in Close Protection [2005]        

  • BTEC/Edexcel L2 Door Supervision [2005]             

  • AOFAQ L4 Internal Quality Assurance [2016]

  • AOFAQ L3 First Person on Scene [2016]

Ebrima Joof LLB - Head of Legal & Compliance

Former British Commissioned Officer.


Ebrima was a Captain in the British Army and served with distinction before venturing a law degree and passing the bar in 2003. It was in 2001 that he decided that the private security was his forte and he has been committed ever since.


Since leaving the military, Ebrima has provided security management and specialist services for numerous British based companies as well as several overseas companies operating in the West Africa region.


Ebrima holds a very passionate interest in the development of skills that transpose the differences between the European perceptions and that of the African continent and is often sought upon to provide consulting services.  


In 2006 he became Head of Chambers Galngoneh Fambai Chambers (Gambia) and since 2011 he has acted as Security Consultant & Principal Centre Manager for Yaham Tutors (Gambia). 


Ebrima's greatest asset to the Professional Bodyguard Association, is not just his insight to the security requirements for the UK as well as the African continent, but his unique ability to make the transference of skills interchangeable.

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