Geoffrey Greaves

​Former Senior Instructor in Strategic Studies and Attaché Wing of the Defence Intelligence  and Security School

Throughout his service, he held a variety of Intelligence and Security appointments in various countries of the Middle East and Europe, including Aden, Germany, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and England.


His experience covers the majority of security and intelligence related aspects, in particular risk assessment surveys, designing integrated access control systems for various types of establishments, operational intelligence gathering, agent handling and anti-terrorist measures for VIPs and high risk units.


For two years he commanded a specialist military anti-terrorist unit, based in London, which carried out research and covert operations, targeted against nominated senior officers and those military units deemed at risk, including the SAS, SBS and the Parachute Regiment Depot.




Today he is the General Manager and CEO of International Maritime Security (IMS) that has become the world's leading expert in the provision and implementation of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.


Since 1986, IMS has been retained as security consultants by over 500 maritime companies, and in 1996 was commissioned by the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) to prepare the model generic Ship Security Plan (SSP) for all its members. The US Marine Safety Centre accepted this SSP as meeting in full the provisions of the US Coast Guard Federal Register Regulations.


IMS has been appointed as a Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) by the Governments of Ghana, Greenland, Greece, Antigua & Barbuda, Norway, Malta, Ireland, Morocco, Latvia, Denmark, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Mauritania to carry out Port Facility Security Assessments and produce Port Facility Security Plans.

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