Honorary Members

We are proud to honour the following people who have influenced the direction of the Professional Bodyguard Association by shaping the definition of competencies necessary to carry out the array of functions required by the modern day Close Protection Operative working anywhere in the world.  We are indebted to them all.

Craig Knowles - President & CEO

​Former South African Communications Specialist  - Anti-terrorism

​Craig resettled in England in the early nineties and was tasked with the responsibility of running the Professional Bodyguard Association in 2008 when it became apparent that the original founder was unable to continue due to ailing health. At the time he was Head of European Security for a Russian businessman hired to ensure the safety and well-being of personnel and infrastructure based in Belgravia and Monaco. He was hired for his major expertise which is the comprehensive knowledge of anti-terrorism and information technology systems for security and surveillance. He was also in overall charge for managing and orchestrating all security arrangements including engaging Personal Protection Operatives for him and his family.

Lionel Draon (EUROPE)

Head of Clincial Studies | Regional Director - Clincial Specialist - Civil (FPOS) and Tactical Medicine (Police/Army).


Lionel is a highly trained Instructor/Teacher with the highest level of professionalism; always proactive, ready to take the initiative and acutely sensitive to the security threats that are constantly with us today.


Since joining us Lionel has made significant contributions to the development of our pre-hospital care training programme and we are indebted to him for his passion and the personal sacrifices he has made to what the courses are today.

Ebrima Joof LLB Hons - Head of Legal and Compliance

​Former British Commissioned Officer.

​Ebrima was a Captain in the British Army and served with distinction before venturing a law degree and passing the bar in 2003. It was in 2001 that he decided that the private security was his forte and he has been committed ever since. Since leaving the military, Ebrima has provided security management and specialist services for numerous British based companies as well as several international companies operating in the West Africa region.

Prof. Phillipe Evrard - Strategic Consultant and Advisor

Senior consultant, Service Public Hospitalier Conseil – Fédération Hospitalière de France, Paris, France

Philippe Evrard is a neurologist of note who specializes in Pediatrics and Neurology. In 1970, he was the creator and then the Pediatric Chief of Department of Pediatric Neurology at the University of Leuven and the neuroscience research unit of the same University.

He is a member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and is a friend and mentor.

Richard Kuhn - Strategic Consultant and Advisor (now with God in Heaven)

​Former Chief of Staff for U.S. Military Special Operations Command, Europe.

​Richard was a Captain in the elite United States Navy SEALs and served with distinction in Vietnam. He also served under Commander Richard Marcinko (founder of SEAL Team 6) as Executive Officer in SEAL Team 2.

Tom Lockhart QGM QCVS - Strategic Consultant and Advisor

​Formerly 22 years in the British Army, including 16 years with the UK Special Forces

Since entering the private sector in 1998, Tom has worked as a consultant to both governments and commercial entities.  Clients include UK intelligence services, Special Forces; UK approved foreign intelligence services and police forces in Singapore, Jamaica, Trinidad, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and the USA.  He has a range of commercial clients including several multi-national corporations.

Lourens (Jakes) Jacobs - Strategic Consultant and Advisor

Former Joint Commander of the South African Presidential Protection Unit

Co-coordinator of all Specialized VIP-protection training, appointed as the Senior Bodyguard and Coordinator of the then State President, FW de Klerk and later became joint commander of the Presidential Protection Unit (including that of President Mandela, Deputy President’s Mbeki and De Klerk) (1991 – 2000).

Sid Tadrist - 7th Dan black belt Karate and creator of Self Defense Strategy

​Saiko shihan (Karate Supreme Master) and KWF Karatenomichi World Federation Great Britain Chief Instructor

He is an expert and highly qualified A level international Instructor authorized by Japan KWF HQ as Teacher and worldwide Examiner. He also is international supervisor and an instructor at the KWF (Karatenomichi World Federation), created and directed by the Master Mikio Yahara and gathering thousands of karateka around the world.

Pete Winner - Strategic Advisor

​Former Staff Sergeant whom we all know as "Soldier I"

​Pete is a highly respected veteran having served 18 years in the SAS based in Hereford, first in B Squadron for 13 years then in the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Wing for the following 5 years.

Bob Podesta - Strategic Advisor

​​Former Staff Sergeant who joined the BAOR in 1966 and was influenced by Ginge Tyler to apply for SAS selection

Today Bob is highly respected veteran who passed the SAS selection in 1970 and by age 21 was already serving in Oman on Operation Storm. Bob ended his military career in 1996 after serving 25 years in the SAS.


Geoffrey Greaves - Strategic Advisor

​Former Senior Instructor in Strategic Studies and Attaché Wing of the Defence Intelligence and Security School,

He served for 29 years in the Intelligence Corps of the British Army and throughout his career, he held a variety of Intelligence and Security appointments in various countries of the Middle East and Europe, including Aden, Germany, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and England.


César Pelegrín - Strategic Advisor

​Creator and Founder of System Integral Security SIS – International Police Self Defense System

​Security Integral System © Cesar Pelegrin, was created to respond to the needs for Physical interventions by Police and Private Security, under the provisions of the United Nations guidelines for the use of force.


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