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Qualifications and Certifications.



  • City & Guilds Level 3 D32, D33 Assessor units & Level 4 D34 Internal verification (Hackney Community College)

  • Assessor and Verifier conversions for D units (Chelmsford College)

  • Certificate in Teaching Competence (Greenwich University)

  • Certificate in Education in Post Compulsory Education (University of Bedfordshire)

  • Team Teach basic training (de-escalation & PI for the mentally ill and minors)

  • First Aid at Work Level 3

  • Physical Intervention Level 3 Pearson Edexcel

  • Conflict Management Level 3 Pearson Edexcel

  • STCW 95 Elementary first aid awarded by Red Ensign

  • STCW 95 Personal Survival Techniques awarded by Red Ensign

  • STCW 95 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting awarded by Red Ensign

  • STCW 95 Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities awarded by Red Ensign

  • STCW 78 Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (SSO) awarded by Red Ensign

  • Global Piracy Awareness awarded by Red Ensign

  • Fire arms proficiency and up to date industrial competence via CPD and current full time employment as a CPO.

  • SIA Close Protection Licence holder

  • Close protection Level 3 Pearson Edexcel

  • FPOS Intermediate Pearson Edexcel

  • Level 2 CCTV awarded by IQ

Ian Bingham


Ian has 15 years plus experience in Education having trained a wide spectrum of learners through all ages and abilities from SEBD children to adult professionals.


During his journey to becoming a fully qualified teacher in further education he has achieved assessor and verifier awards, working as lead verifier and course manager. His view is that the quality processes of teaching, learning, assessment and verification is key to the success of his learners.


Testament to this fact is his unblemished record on observation of his teaching skills graded by Ofsted as 1 (outstanding) or 2 (good) He also supports many companies and college departments through awarding body Quality Assurance visits.


He prides himself on the fact he maintain his CPD which enforces his status as a trainer.


He writes, since graduating as a CPO with the PBA he has been fortunate to be employed on a long term contract as a Bodyguard in the UK. He says that  in order to perform as an effective CPO he works hard to maintain his physical and mental fitness and is consistently refreshing his physical intervention skills.


He frequently travels abroad to maintain his  firearm proficiency, although this is not necessary for work in the UK, his Principal does travel abroad and when he does then his skills are current.


                                                                                            That is dedication for you!

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