Kornelijus Valius

I'm a Colonel, former (operating reserve officer) Chief of Operational Planning and Analysis Directorate of The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Republic of Lithuania.

The FIS is external intelligence agency, mainly for civilian affairs responsible dealing with intelligence and espionage activities.  

I have over 15+ years of significant government and commercial Close Protection, surveillance and security experience. I have served in the Lithuanian VIP Protection Department under the Ministry of Interior and have personally provided Close Protection in government and civilian arenas to Presidents and EU Special Envoy’s for and on behalf of the Lithuanian Government, several members of the Royal families, Members of Parliament, Prime Ministers, A-list celebrities, CEO’s.  

I'm experienced in all matters concerning the protection of persons specifically at risk and the physical security of major corporations, governmental and secret service buildings, compounds and private estates.


I hold a degree in Law, Security and Risk Management, Certified Protection Professional, and remaining operational in the management and commanding of Security Service operations worldwide. 

My deputy director in Ukraine is Lieutenant colonel, former Chief of Staff of the special battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. 


All members of my unit in Ukraine are from Secret Service or/and Intelligence Service. They are the best experts, and operatives to keep your client(-s) safe, trained, and ready to respond in a dangerous situation.


Our primary security services in Ukraine are:

  • Armored Vehicle; 

  • Professional Threat/Vulnerability Assessments; 

  • Specialized Executive Protection Services; 

  • Advanced Security and Threat Detection Systems.


My personnel in Ukraine have operational experience and are experts in private/commercial security, surveillance, and counterintelligence offerings. All top personnel have completed field tours in the Far East, Middle East, and Africa and domestically in the Ukraine. All have extensive private sector experience as senior consultants to corporate clients in the areas of executive protection, threat identification and mitigation, specialized training and as "first responders" in kidnap cases. 


As a Consultant my primary duty is to steer the direction of the company in all aspects of their security. This means approving and sometimes creating various policies that encourage better security provisioning being intimately familiar with all financial aspects of the said company is also important for this job. As executive director of Security GLobal Ltd based in the UK I look toward the future and helps create organizational goals and objectives for the company to aspire to.

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