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Qualifications and Certifications.


  • D13 Clinical Material for Police Officers in Specialist Roles /FPHC (UK)

  • Delivery of Conflict Management Level 3 QCF / Pearson (UK)

  • Education and Training Level 3 QCF / Pearson (UK)

  • First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOS) IHCD / Pearson (UK)

  • Close Protection Officer Level 3 QCF / Pearson / SIA (UK)

  • Close Protection Officer Level 3 City & Guild (US)

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Medic Level 3 (Europe)

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Medic Level 1 & 2 (US)

  • Maritime Security Level 1 (US STCM/STCW)

  • Private Security Contractor level 2 (US)

  • Agent de Protection Rapprochée niveau 3 (France). French licence

  • Conducteur Privé de Sécurité niveau 1 (France). Security driving.

  • Close Combat Technics (US)

  • VIP Helicopter (US)




  • SOMA (Special Operation Medical Association) US

  • NRA (National Rifle Association) US

  • FPHC Level 4 (Faculty of Prehospital Care) UK

Lionel DRAON

Head of Clinical Studies | Regional Manager


Lionel's specialities - Civil (FPOS) and Tactical Medicine (Police/Army). He  is a highly trained, sensible, well-presented, and dedicated Close Protection Officer, Team Medic and Instructor/Teacher with the highest level of professionalism: always proactive, ready to take the initiative and acutely sensitive to the security threat.


Lionel's career has incorporated various appointments, including Training Advisor & Instructor in TACMED and Close Protection as well as Training Consultant & Instructor to make the best use of the interpersonal skills and the ability to create new training programmes that bridge gaps in the market place.


His successful career can be attributed to various factors, including avoiding complacency, encouraging unity amongst the team, setting an example of professionalism that is worthy of emulation, and allocating the appropriate time to the planning stage, which sets the tone for future assignments and contracts within the Close Protection Industry.


Having successfully completed an array of industry courses, over and above the usual Close Protection syllabus, including Medic courses, PSD Contractor, Ship Security Officer (SSO), Close Protection Driving, and Tactical Shooting; along with Training Instructor courses.


His profile would not be complete without mentioning the CQC skills, which have been developed through extensive training in Martial Arts.  The proficiency within CQC can bring obvious advantages in the industry; although it is the desirable ‘soft skills’, the language skills and the spare capacity to take on more responsibility, including the duties of Team Medic and Team Leader, that are bound to prove the most valuable assets

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