Lourens (Jakes) Jacobs

Former Joint Commander of the South African Presidential Protection Unit


Jakes served in the South African Police Service (SAPS) for twenty-one years (1980 – 2000) beginning  his career as a forensic laboratory assistant in the Forensic Science Laboratory for 18 months (1980 – 1982).  He served for ten years in the Police Special Task Force (Police Special Forces) and left the Task Force as a Captain (1982- 1991).


Thereafter he joined the Special Guard Unit (SAPS) where he was appointed as the co-coordinator of all Specialized VIP-protection training, and later on he was appointed as the Senior Bodyguard and Coordinator of the then State President, FW de Klerk and later became joint commander of the Presidential Protection Unit (including that of President Mandela, Deputy President’s Mbeki and De Klerk) (1991 – 2000).


In 2001 Jakes joined the Private Sector and operates as an Advisor, Specialized Trainer and Protector to various Private Companies nationally and internationally and in 2010 he joined the Professional Bodyguard Association as a mentor, strategic consultant and advisor.



1992 - Senior bodyguard and co-coordinator for State President FW de Klerk, also the Co-coordinator of the protection of the two Deputy Presidents and their spouses, (Major and Lieutenant-Colonel). Commander of the Presidential Protection Unit (Colonel and Senior Superintendent), Special Guard Unit, Head Office


1994 - Appointed to the rank of a Colonel, as ‘Joint’ Commander of the Presidential Protection Unit of the South African Police Service, for President Nelson Mandela and the two Deputy Presidents until December 31, 2000.


During his term as Commanding Officer of the Presidential Protection Unit of the South African Police Service, he visited more than forty countries, where he gained valuable international exposure


In 2001 - Lourens joined the Private Security Sector where he served as an advisor to many security companies and acted as an instructor in various fields, such as the training of the Presidential Unit (Equatorial Guinea) for Securicor-Gray, as well as conducting specialized Protection and Transporting of High Value Cargo - training in Angola.


One of the many highlights of Lourens career is when he was sub-contracted as the Event Director (through Nicholls Steyn and Associates) for the prestigious World Cricket Cup 2003 in South Africa, where he was responsible for managing the Close Protection Officers responsible for the safety of the National Teams. He did the same, during the International Twenty Twenty Cricket World Cup in 2007 and also for the DFL Indian Premier League tournament in 2009 that was held in South Africa for the participating Teams.


Jakes has never been one to be complacent and he continues to amass qualifications and training certificates that attest to his suitability as a Close Protection Officer of high acclaim. Below are some of the additional qualifications and courses that he has done.




  • South African Police Basic Training - Pretoria: 1980-06-27

  • South African Police COIN (Counter Operational Insurgency) - Maleoskop: 1982-03-03

  • Special Task Force - Verdrag: 1982-11-24

  • Mortar Course - Maleoskop: 1982-07-14

  • V.I.P. Protection Course - Pretoria: 1982-07-24

  • Parachuting Course - Pretoria: 1982-12-06

  • NAUI Open water Scuba Diver and Boat Handling Course - Pretoria: 1983-04-12

  • Special Task Force Internal Instructors Course - Pretoria: 1983

  • Driving and Maintenance Course Light, Extra Heavy and Motorcycle Course - Benoni: 1983-05-19

  • Explosives and Improvised Explosive Devices Course - Pretoria: 1983-09-07

  • Candidate Officers Course - Pretoria: 1984-06-29

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Convention Explosives Course - SANDF: 1985-07-24

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Improvised Explosives Course - SANDF: 1986-03-18

  • Officers’ Course in Riot and Crowd Control - Maleoskop: 1987-11-29

  • Self-Defence Course - Pretoria: 1988-06

  • Basic Medics Course (Special Forces Part 1) SANDF - Pretoria: 1990-12-07

  • Computer Literacy Course - Pretoria: 1992-02-28

  • WordPerfect Course - Pretoria: 1992-03-27

  • Lotus 123 Course - Pretoria: 1992-04-24

  • Candidate Officers Course - Pretoria: 1983

  • Junior Management and Development Course - Pretoria: 1992-04-16

  • Off-road 4x4 Driving Course - Pretoria: 1997-06-30

  • Stalker Analysis & Response and Covert Protective Operations-Midrand: 2000-12-01

  • Instructor Course; Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle, International Firearm Training Academy - Krugersdorp: 2004-10-11

  • Level 3 Training Course in Methods of Instruction and Presentation. TASK International, England - Johannesburg: 2004-11-27.

  • Protection Service Detail (High Threat) -  FOB Shield,  SADR City, Baghdad, Iraq: 2007

  • Grade A to E, PSIRA, South Africa: Brits

  • Assessors course – Centurion: 2005

  • BTEC level 3 in CLose Protection (QCF): 2010




Jakes has continually sought training throughout the years to remain current in his profession and is licensed with the PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority - license # 760648) which is the equivalent to the SIA (Security Industry Authority). Lourens is superbly qualified, however as elected as part of his commitment to CPD consented to being assessed for the BTEC LEVEL3 (QCF) certification.


In 2014 Jakes contributed significantly as a mentor, strategic consultant and advisor to the publication of the Definitive Guide to Next Generation in Close Protection that now forms the basis for all training undertaken by new members to our fraternity.

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