Certified Training and Regulated Qualifications 

Close Protection Essentials


Essential skills defining the competencies necessary to carry out the role of a Close Protection Operative anywhere in the world.


They are intended as a high level strategic overview of the competencies requisite to fulfil the tasks required in the workplace.


They are not designed to describe specific roles; role definitions are normally based on a number of the functions and therefore a number of the occupational requirements.

CCTV Surveillance


Security Guards are far from the stereotyped image often perceived by the general public, they are intelligent adaptable professionals with drive and motivation.


They are sometimes regarded as fulfilling a private policing function and often the first line in detecting crime working behind the scenes using CCTV technology to enable the fulfilment of this role which is perhaps more difficult than most people will appreciate.

Close Protection Specialist


Aspiring "Bodyguards" will become well versed in the use of all defensive mechanisms employed for the purposes of protecting the Principal.


These are drills that must be committed to MUSCLE MEMORY!


You will aspire to achieve a high level of proficiency in weaponry (live fire with a variety of firearms) including "hot" extrications in an environment as real as you can get it.



Extended Clinical Skills


Designed to provide you "The Specialist" with advanced medical capabilities to provide extended emergency care at the most crucial time to those when they need it.


Such skills are crucial for those working in a Close Protection roles especially in locations where the risks of incidents where injuries are higher than normal such as the areas that are most prone to terrorist attacks.


Aimed to equip you with additional medical skills so that you are capable of delivering immediate and potentially lifesaving medical care in any environment, hostile or otherwise.


First Person on Scene  


Designed to provide you with the capability to deliver emergency care to a patient(s) at the most crucial time while waiting for the next echelon of clinical care to arrive.


Such skills are crucial for those working in Private Security particular Close Protection and Event Security especially in light of the ever encroaching acts of terrorism in every walk of our lives today as ISIS and Al Queda try to press home their message.


I would even go so far as to say that this should be mandatory training for all those claiming to be Security Officers irrespective of designation.

General Security Retail


Security Guards are on the “Front Line” responsible for the security of infrastructure, assets, customers and staff at retail outlets, office complexes, factories and many other venues.


Their primary role will be to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, observing (either directly, through patrols, or by watching alarm systems or video cameras) for signs of crime, fire or disorder; reporting incidents to management and emergency services as appropriate.

Security Operations


This course is designed for Security Professionals who have long required an interim award leading to and MSc degree in Risk Management; to provide the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the practical skills needed for advancement of work prospects in the Private Security Industry.


This particular course is suited for supervisors and managers alike who wish to develop additional knowledge to function more efficiently within their roles and to support the continued professional development of security officers under their charge.

Recognition of Prior Learning


PBA’s policy is to recognise prior learning as a method of assessing whether a learner’s experience and achievements meet the evidence requirements (i.e. the standard) of a BTEC Unit or Units and which may or may not have been developed through a course of learning. 


The following link explains what is involved in achieving Recognition of Prior Learning.

Technical Security Training created by Tom Lockhart of Cougar International.


Training tasks will be conducted either on the client’s own equipment, or on equipment that we can recommend and procure that will be suitable and cost effective.  The technical training courses include but are not limited to :


  • Security surveys and security system specification

  • Technical Security Systems Training

  • Technical Surveillance countermeasures Training

  • Audio intelligence gathering

  • Video and CCTV operations

  • Covert Technical Tracking 

  • Remote sensing services

  • Tactics to support Technical Surveillance Operations and Protective Security operations


Cougar’s unique structure ensures that their training courses will be “bespoke” to the client’s operational needs following an in-depth study of the requirements. 

It is often the case that training is delivered with little attention given to long term evolution and maintenance of skills, this is a key factor in their ongoing client service where consultants will be available to clients at all times to ensure that support to their client's development is never far away. 


For any enquiries on the Operational Training courses on offer click the image  


The Security Integral System created by César Pelegrín to assist the Police and Security forces in their daily duties.


What is often referred to as close quarters combat or "fighting" is where we do not truly have proper control overa given situation.

This is where SIS truly comes into its own. SIS not only takes control of the situation from the beginning, it allows us to keep control.


HOW? It removes all options and possibilities the hostile individual has to deliver a threat or injury to ourselves or others. This is done physically and mentally by preventing the brain from thinking and formulating a fight strategy and preventing the body from carrying out any attack strategy.

HM CUSTOMS & REVENUE NOTICE: Due to being a NfP organisation where Vocational Education and Training  is the core of our business all course fees are VAT exempt.

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