Richard Kuhn (now with God in Heaven)

Former Chief of Staff for U.S. Military Special Operations Command, Europe.


Richard was a Captain in the United States Navy SEALs and served with distinction in Vietnam.  His last military duty assignment was as Chief of Staff for the U.S. Special Operations Command, Europe where he supervised U.S. Special Operators personnel in 83 countries.


Richard while serving in Special Operations Command, directed a 350-person force that provided combat search-and-rescue missions for coalition aircraft and forces while enforcing United Nations sanctions as well as protecting the population of Northern Iraq, in the aftermath of Desert Storm One.


Additionally he directed a high profile, 400-person elite force that provided combat search-and-rescue missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Since leaving the military, Richard has provided security management services for an international oil company in Nigeria; remote logistics and security services in high risk areas of Sierra Leone during their civil war.


He is a true friend and we are delighted to have him on the Board.

He also founded Strategic Security Solutions International in Afghanistan - one of the first security companies to be established in Afghanistan; and also founded Secure Risk Pakistan, a security and investigations services company specializing in crisis response planning, and security risk audits. Richard is also one of the founders of Trisec Maritime Security (U.K.), which combats maritime piracy in Africa..


Richard Kuhn holds a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs from the Catholic University of America and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Idaho. He successfully completed the prestigious one-year Resident Studies Program at the Royal College of Defence Studies in England.

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