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SIA Top Up Training 


The recent enhancements made by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the UK, particularly in terms of skills and qualifications required for those working in the security industry means the introduction of new training and qualifications as a major step in addressing the industry's shortfalls and ensuring that all operators meet a certain baseline standard.

Two of the most critical upgrades to the industry's skillset are medical capabilities and counter-terrorism awareness training. These are essential skills for those working in the security industry, particularly those who work in the night-time economy. The SIA recognises that different sectors of the security industry require different skillsets, and it is important to recognise these differences.

The training delivery format is also evolving, with a move toward a hybrid format that includes both classroom and self-study components. These adjustments are necessary to keep up with the fast-moving changes in the operational environment.

As of October 2022, anyone wishing to renew their SIA license must undergo Top-Up training, which aims to address the need for reliable, high-quality standards across the workforce. The focus of the training is based on core competencies, which may include skills such as conflict management, physical intervention, and first aid.

Overall, the enhancements made by the SIA should be applauded, as they represent a step forward in ensuring that those working in the security industry are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job roles effectively. By establishing clear standards and providing relevant training and development opportunities, the industry can continue to improve and develop in the future.​

One important thing to note is that there are quite a few training providers trying to deliver physical intervention training in small or unsuitable spaces. 

As we all know, having enough space to move around freely is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of physical intervention training, and trying to conduct such training in a cramped or inappropriate space can be not only challenging but also potentially dangerous.

We have tried to communicate the importance of having a safe and suitable training environment to those companies who are requesting the training, but this is being ignored and very much to the disadvantage of the students who have paid to complete their Top Up training to renew their SIA license.

We believe that it's important to prioritize the safety of the learners and to advocate for the best possible training environment to deliver effective and safe physical intervention training.


Something like our venue in Liverpool is what is needed with all the amenities in place to make sure that the training is as close to being realistic as possible. It is important that we continue advocating for the best possible training environment to ensure that learners are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their duties safely and effectively.

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