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SIA Top Up Training 


The UK's Security Industry Authority (SIA) has recently implemented significant improvement requirements in the skills and qualifications required for security industry professionals. These improvements include the introduction of new training and qualifications, marking a substantial advancement in addressing the industry's weaknesses and ensuring a uniform standard of competence among operators.

Two key enhancements in the industry's skill set are the inclusion of medical skills and counter-terrorism awareness training. Such skills are particularly vital for those employed in the night-time economy. The SIA acknowledges that various sectors within the security industry have unique skill requirements, emphasizing the need to recognize these distinctions.

Furthermore, the method of training delivery is evolving to adopt a hybrid approach, incorporating both classroom instruction and self-study elements. This evolution is crucial to keep pace with the rapidly changing operational landscape.

As of October 2022, security professionals seeking to renew their SIA license are required to complete Top-Up training. This training is designed to uphold high-quality standards throughout the workforce and focuses on fundamental competencies, which may include conflict management, physical intervention, and first aid.

The advancements made by the SIA are commendable as they represent a significant step in ensuring that security industry workers are adequately equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for their roles. By setting clear standards and offering appropriate training and development opportunities, the industry is poised for continual improvement and growth.

Our concern is that some training providers have been attempting to conduct physical intervention training in small or inappropriate spaces, which is a concern that needs addressing.

It's widely recognized that ample space is essential for the safety and efficacy of physical intervention training. Conducting such training in confined or unsuitable areas can be challenging and potentially hazardous.

Despite our efforts to stress the necessity of a safe and appropriate training environment to companies requesting training, this advice goes unheeded, to the detriment of students who have invested in Top Up training for their SIA license renewal.

We strongly believe in the importance of ensuring learner safety and advocate for the optimal training setting especially for secure and effective secure physical intervention training.


A facility like our Liverpool venue, equipped with all necessary amenities, exemplifies the ideal environment for realistic training.


When investing your money in training it's crucial that you push for the best possible training conditions to ensure you are adequately prepared with the skills and knowledge required for the role, emphasizing safety and effectiveness.

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