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Skills and qualifications review for Protective Services (Close Protection)

The SIA review the skills and qualifications criteria required for their licence linked qualifications every five years so that the skills are kept current. This time around they have widened the scope of this work to consider not just the mandatory qualifications they require, but to include the skills and knowledge needed by operatives, throughout their careers and across the industry. This is ambitious and for this review they have adopted an approach which will give a broad and deep insight into the skills needs of the industry. The aim is to improve the professionalism of security operatives, drive up standards in the industry, and help protect the public in the UK.

The SIA has created Expert Working Groups for each of the specialist areas needed to develop content for qualifications. These groups are made up of top scoring ACS companies, individual businesses, Awarding Organisations and subject specialists. The Professional Bodyguard Association, in particular Craig Knowles is part of the Expert Working Group that got together for the first time last month to look at the training specifications for providing protective services (in particular Close Protection) and we are making good progress, The review looks at the current training process and seeks to improve certainty of the integrity of the qualifications and its achievement. The project has a number of key milestones that will need to be delivered before the new qualifications are available in January 2020.

  • Development of qualification specifications

  • Research and consultation into the private security industry characteristics, working methods and emerging/future trends

  • Development of quality parameters for delivery of training

  • Development of a skills strategy for the industry

Crucial to the success of this project will be the evidence base being generated from research into the private security industry characteristics, working methods and emerging/future trends to guide their approach. This research is currently underway.

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