Qualifications and Certifications.
  • ISPS, PFSO, SSO and CSO Instructor: Hart Security

  • Anti-Piracy Course Instructor: Hart Security

  • Small arms and Close Range weapon Instructor: RNZN

  • Coastal Navigation Instructor: RNZN

  • Small Boat Handling Instructor: RNZN

  • Boat master Instructor: RNZN

  • Qualified Assessor and Instructor for NZQA National Certificate in Security Levels 2 and 3 unit standards: NZ Government

  • International Shipping and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) incl: Port Facility Security Officer, Company Security Officer, Ship Security Officer

  • Management Systems Auditing: RABQSA – AU ISO 28000

  • Facilities Maintenance Management System (FMMS)

  • Critical Incident Management

  • Petroleum Tanker Safety Qualified

  • Written Communications

  • Oral Communications

  • Motivational and Leadership (Blanchard and Hersey Building High Performance Teams)

  • Performance Appraisal and Report Writing

  • Interview and Counselling Techniques

  • Maintaining Professional Standards

  • BTEC Advanced Certificate: Close Protection

  • BTEC First Person on Scene Intermediate

Stephen Poka


Operational Ability: Since discharging honourably from the RNZN in 2004, I have been employed as a security consultant and auditor with international experience in PSD roles in Iraq and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


I have undertaken maritime roles in the Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Somalia, Lagos Nigeria, and the Malacca Straits. I have acted as Team Leader for 94 maritime missions commencing from 2006.


Instructor/Training Ability: I am a well disciplined and well trained consultant with a record for achievement in planning, organisation, directing administration and control of activities in support of security related objectives.


I consider that the skills I have developed throughout my career combined with my passion and enthusiasm are transferable and valuable to an employer. These include personnel management, leadership, planning, organisation, training, assessments, communication, and reporting.


My logical and competent approach to tasks ensures that I am able to meet objectives and deliver results in all key competency areas



  • First Aid, triage, critical injuries, trauma, resuscitation, stabilisation

  • Rules of Engagement

  • Tactical Driving Tactical Awareness

  • Escort Walking Drills

  • Contact Drills both Vehicle and Walking

  • Code of Conduct

  • Weapon Handling and Safety

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