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The new citizenAID™ initiative

In light of the increasing number of terror attacks, people need to learn lifesaving skills in case they are caught up in a terror attack in the UK a team of senior military and civilian medics has said.

They say people need to know how to help each other because it could take some time before it is deemed safe for paramedics to arrive on the scene.

The new citizenAID™ initiative is designed to empower members of the general public should the worse happen and they find the...mselves caught up in a terror attack. This free App contains simple and logical steps which if taken quickly can help save lives.

Available for download now via the web site:

2017 began with the news about a shooting at a night venue in Turkey, a trend that has all the hallmarks of continuing, yet our government security services is seemingly unable to protect us from. All they can tell us is that it is a question of when, not where or how.

Many people have prepared themselves to know what to do when someone collapses with a heart attack or other emergency. But being able to act effectively after serious injury from bomb blast, gunshot and stabbing requires different knowledge and skills.

In the event of a multiple casualty incident, such as terrorist shooting or bombing, avoidable deaths can occur very quickly, particularly from bleeding out. Military experience from treating casualties in conflict has shown how vital immediate action in these circumstances can be.

The greatest threat to a patient after serious injury is time. When there is a shooting or stabbing incident the first priority for the emergency services is public safety meaning access to the injured may be delayed.

What is needed is the skills and knowledge that empowers the public in these difficult situations to help themselves, their family and friends, and the wider community, while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

The D13 FPOS Enhanced skills are accessible to the general public to use in the first minutes when there are multiple casualties from a shooting, stabbing or a bomb. We know that by having the knowledge and skills at the point of injury we can prevent avoidable deaths.

The D13 FPOS Enhanced skills training certified by the Faculty of Prehospital Care of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh was initially designed for those in specialist roles such as police firearms officers, those responsible for public order and officers of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency as well as officers of agencies such as the UK Border Agency and HM Revenue and Customs.

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