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The new citizenAID™ initiative

Amidst the rising number of terror attacks, a team of senior military and civilian medics emphasize the importance of lifesaving skills for individuals who might find themselves in such critical situations in the UK. They highlight that in the event of a terror attack, immediate assistance from bystanders is crucial as there might be delays in paramedic response due to safety concerns.

The citizenAID™ initiative has been launched to equip the public with essential skills for such emergencies. This free app provides straightforward, actionable advice that can significantly enhance survival chances if promptly followed.

The app is available for download at

The need for this training has been underscored by the persistent global threat of terror, exemplified by a shooting at a nightclub in Turkey at the start of 2017. This incident is part of a broader pattern that our security services struggle to fully mitigate, acknowledging that such attacks are a matter of when, not if.

While many are trained to respond to health emergencies like heart attacks, the specific skills required to effectively manage severe injuries from bombings, shootings, and stabbings are less commonly known.

The potential for rapid, preventable deaths in mass casualty incidents like terror attacks is significantly high, especially from bleeding. Military insights from conflict zones show that immediate, well-informed action is crucial and can save lives.

The major risk following a severe injury is the time it takes to receive medical help. During incidents involving firearms or knives, ensuring public safety is the emergency services' first concern, which can delay their access to the injured.

The public needs the knowledge and skills to effectively assist themselves, their loved ones, and others during such critical moments, awaiting the arrival of professional help.

Empowering the public to save lives

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