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Overview on Industry Standards for Close Protection

The Professional Bodyguard Association's occupational requirements serve as a comprehensive framework outlining the essential competencies for modern professional bodyguards. These standards are more than mere job descriptions; they represent a set of performance criteria indicating competence in the sector.

Surpassing the minimum regulatory standards is crucial for maintaining sector competence. Through collaborations with stakeholders, the association develops advanced security and medical training programs, offering qualifications recognized internationally.

These qualifications blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring that professionals are well-prepared for the demands of the field. The focus on continuous professional development and globally recognized qualifications underscores the association's commitment to excellence in the private security industry.

Click image to download what you will learn if you train with the PBA

Certified Training
  • ​Close Protection (CPO, EPS, PPO)  

  • First Response Emergency Care

  • Security Integral Systems

  • Security Operations

  • CCTV Public Space Surveillance

  • General Security Management

  • Technical Security

  • Security Integral Systems

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