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The occupational requirements of the Professional Bodyguard Association are intended as a high level strategic overview of the competencies requisite to fulfill the tasks required in the modern day workplace.

They are not designed to describe specific roles; role definitions are normally based on a number of functions and therefore a number of the occupational requirements. They have been devised based on best practice; each comprises a number of performance criteria for which an individual should be able to demonstrate efficacy to be considered competent in a specific sector.


Just achieving the minimum standards set by the SIA might not be enough and the Private Security Industry has come to learn this at an enormous cost to the reputation of the standards that exist today.

It is our ethos that training should be on-going and the skilled 'Security Professional' will be able to demonstrate this by continued professional development that results in a portfolio of evidence consisting of verifiable qualifications and testimony applicable to the job at hand and thereto exhibiting sector competence.

It is important that testaments to these skills are recognised internationally, hence with Pearson being one of the largest awarding bodies and a market leader in education and assessment services in more than 40 countries, it makes a very strong argument why stakeholder companies should want their security personnel trained by our acclaimed instructors and to that end achieve internationally recognized qualifications.


A fact that few training providers can claim is that since 2006 the Professional Bodyguard Association has each and every year surpassed the Quality Standards set by the relevant awarding bodies for our security related or pre-hospital care qualifications (being the core of what we do). 


The Professional Bodyguard Association will work with you to assist with any area requiring the development of security related or medical training that surpasses the minimum requirements and in doing so we will provide you the ability to bring increased value to your security portfolio and with globally recognized qualifications.


By choosing a BTEC, you will:


  • Benefit from a flexible course structure, that blends subject theory with practical application.

  • Develop skills and knowledge needed for success in a 21st century work environment.

  • Gain a globally recognised qualification that is accepted by leading employers across the world.

The Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) is a provider (existing as part of Pearson Education Ltd) of secondary school leaving qualifications and further education qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland recognised in over 40 countries worldwide.

BTECs originated in 1984 and were awarded by Edexcel (now Pearson) from 1996. Their origins lie in the Business Education Council, formed in 1974 to "rationalise and improve the relevance of sub-degree vocational education".

Achieving a globally recognised BTEC qualification that is also recognised by UK government regulatory bodies such as Ofqual and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) will certainly improve your prospects as it demonstrates that you have achieved a distinguishable standard.

BTEC is the perfect choice if you enjoy learning by doing practical assignments and tasks. Developing your communication skills, encouraging you to collaborate with others effectively and efficiently, putting into practice the skills required for success in todays’ global business environment.

BTEC qualifications are developed with employers and Higher Education experts so you can trust that anyone with a BTEC qualification will demonstrate the high standards of knowledge, practical skills and understanding required for further study and employment. 

As a long standing Pearson approved centre, we work closely with the awarding organisation, ensuring quality assurance is guaranteed. All BTEC qualifications are assessed to the same high standard, and all those involved in the delivery are rigorously assessed themselves to make sure the right level of support is available to you at all times. With this in mind, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the training you receive through our delivery will be nothing but the best, giving you peace of mind about the high standard of the qualification you have chosen to achieve.

Overview on Industry Standards for Close Protection

Certified Training
  • ​Close Protection (CPO, EPS, PPO)  

  • First Response Emergency Care

  • Security Integral Systems

  • Security Operations

  • CCTV Public Space Surveillance

  • General Security Management

  • Technical Security

  • Security Integral Systems


Click image to download what you will learn if you train with the PBA

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