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If this is truly your Career Aspiration

Then it starts with a solid foundation of learning and repetitive training followed by continuous professional development.

This will take a significant amount of your time and dedication while always striving to improve.

Desired Characteristics of a Professional Bodyguard

Just like in any other highly sophisticated profession, we could all do with some clarification of what it takes to be a professional.

With easy-to-understand illustrations and descriptions you can learn about the desired characteristics of a Professional Bodyguard in this modern day and age.

What does it mean to be Knowledgeable?

The Covid-19 pandemic has given me the time, and opportunity to reflect on just what being knowledgeable on anything actually means.

Especially in view of all these wild stories, like the 5G towers being switched on is the cause of COVID 19. to Donald Trump on live TV, telling the world that to inject disinfectant will stop the virus dead in its tracks.

Key Takeaways for your Threat Analysis

You will find that a thorough Threat Analysis, is essential for every successful detail that you will be undertake.

With easy-to-understand illustrations and descriptions you can explore the stages for preparing a Threat Assessment.

How to prepare plans for a Security Detail

You will find that Strategic, Tactical, Operational and Contingency Planning, are essential for every successful detail that you will undertake.

With easy-to-understand illustrations and descriptions you can explore the different planning stages that go into every successful Security Detail.

How to prepare SOP's for a Security Detail

Standard Operating Procedures are essential for every successful detail that you will undertake.

With easy-to-understand illustrations and descriptions you will discover one of the tools critical to all successful operations.

What Is a Route Planning Process?

The route planning process is one of the steps taken to develop and guide operational activities when on the road.

The documents developed will be added to the Strategic plans as part of the long-range, high-level assignment objectives, one of which is to mitigate risks when travelling by vehicle.

Making Decisions

Making decisions with the greatest amount of certainty, is something we learn to do over time. In this lesson, we will review how Close Protection Operatives work, with certainty and risk, in order to make informed decisions.

Effective Decision Making Tools

Effective decision-making is an essential skill for every Close Protection Operative, especially those who lead teams. In this lesson, you'll learn about a seven-step process for effective decision-making. You can link this to the earlier lesson about Making Decisions with Certainty.

Modern Threats - Terrorism

In future years, when historians look back and write about this time period, terrorism will be a major buzzword. Terrorism is defined as an act of extreme violence in order to intimidate.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is a necessity in the workplace, especially in our business of providing security services.

Whether spoken or written, there are four elements to effective communication that will help improve the two-way information sharing process and they involve you being clear and concise in delivery of information that is practical as well as being factual and persuasive.

Introduction to the role of a CCTV Operative

A natural progression for those working as Close Protection Operatives; and certainly a step in the right direction for continued professional development; is CCTV Public Space Surveillance; and thereafter; Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

Major Organ Systems of the Human Body

When it comes to protecting others, a thorough understanding of your charge's clinical needs is essential for every successful Close Protection Operative.

With easy-to-understand illustrations and descriptions you can start with exploring the different organs systems that work together, their interdependency and how important they are, for us to function as living beings.

Understanding Prehospital Trauma Care

This lesson discusses the prehospital emergency care process for those who will have experienced trauma or serious physical injuries.

Understanding Spinal Cord Trauma

This lesson is about what can traumatize your spinal cord. what spinal cord trauma may result in, and why that may occur. We will also focus on some of the specifics of spinal shock, and autonomic dysreflexia. The purpose is to validate why we include the correct use, and application of the C-Collar, and Kendrick Extrication Device in our training courses.

Understanding the Types of Paralysis

Paralysis is something we all dread, especially if we have led a full and active lifestyle. This lesson is about the paralysis-related terminology that may stem from a spinal cord injury. These terms include. paraplegia. hemiplegia. hemiparesis. and quadriplegia.

Understanding Abdominal Trauma

This lesson, is about trauma to the abdomen, which can result in injury to many organs. Here we learn about symptoms, complications and treatments for these type of injuries.

Understanding Head Trauma

If you got into a really serious accident or fell off a high ledge, and hit your face and head against a hard surface, you'll not only be hurting and bleeding, you'll also be discharging some clear fluid too.

This won't just be tears of pain rolling down your face, as this lesson will point out.

Understanding Maxillofacial Trauma

Trauma to the maxillofacial region can lead to some very serious complications due to the fact that there are very fragile and important sensory organs such as vision, hearing. tasting, and smelling, all located in this area of the body.

How to use the igel supraglottic airway

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