Pete Winner

​Former Staff Sergeant whom we all know as "Soldier I"                   


​Pete often called "Snapper" is a highly respected veteran having served 18 years in the SAS based in Hereford, first in B Squadron for 13 years then in the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Wing for the following 5 years.


He is a highly qualified instructor in Intensive Surveillance Techniques, Close Quarter Combat and Counter Revolutionary Warfare Techniques.


He also speaks colloquial Arabic and Malay and is a NBC Warfare Instructor with extensive experience in Counter Revolutionary Warfare training having instructed some of the premier Counter Terrorist Teams around the world such as GSG9 of Germany and the Delta Force of the USA.


He trained Her Majesty's Royal Protection Team at Hereford and also HRH Prince Charles in anti-ambush drills [car].  He has delivered training to the Sultan of Oman's Special Forces and the Special Duties Unit of Hong Kong. Various other Police Forces around the world have also been trained by him in Anti Hijack Tactics.



Pete was also part of the training team that trained both Chris Ryan and Andy McNab with all the other members of the heroic Bravo Two Zero team.


He was part of the team that helped end the Iranian Embassy siege and liberate the hostages.He has since become known as Soldier 'I' and has consulted on 3 TV series SAS Soldiers for ITV The Real SAS for Channel 4 Special Forces Heroes for Channel 5




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